Island Cuisine

      Highlighting Caribbean flavors

      Discover our complete variety of Mexican food that suits all tastes. Indulge in meat, chicken, and seafood plates. Enjoy the merging flavors of ancient Mayan recipes with modern cooking elements.


      *All prices are displayed in Mexican Pesos.*


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      Pescadillas (3)

      Folded corn tortilla filled with fresh fish. $155



      Smashed Mexican avocado sauce served with tortilla chips. $190


      Shrimp Broth

      Delicious shrimp and vegetable broth, seasoned with a slight spicy flavor. $190


      French fries

      Portion of french fries made at the moment. $120

      IXI Snack

      Snack platter including 2 kibis (Yucatan style wheat meatballs), 2 empanadas, 2 camarocillas (shrimp empanadas), 2 potato flautas with castacan (fried tacos filled with potato and fried pork), beans, and spicy salsa. $350


      Squid rings

      Delicious pieces of fried squid served with garnishes. $190


      Octopus slices

      Slices of fresh octopus marinated in lemon vinaigrette. $390


      Local Shrimp Kibis

      4 Yucatan style kibis, made with wheat dough mixed with Edam cheese with shrimp stuffed. $170



      Tikin Xic Fish Fillet

      Seasoned with axiote. $390


      Fish Fillet With Garlic Mojo

      Fried fish with oil and garlic. $390


      Breaded Fish Fillet

      Readed with egg and bread crumbs. $390


      Fried Fish: According to weight

      Fresh from the sea, seasoned with local spices.

      Shrimps to taste


      Breaded with coconut zest. $380


      A la diabla

      Seasoned in reduced hot sauce. $330


      Garlic Mojo

      Seasoned with oil, garlic, and spices. $340



      With egg and bread crumbs. $340


      Breaded + Cheese & Bacon

      With egg and bread crumbs plus cheese rolled in bacon. $380

      Shrimp Aguachile

      Traditional Mexican dish made of raw shrimp with salt and pepper, drowned in a mixture of lime juice, onion, cucumber, and a variety of spicy chiles.

      Green Aguachile: $320

      Red Aguachile: $320

      Mango Aguachile: $330

      Black Aguachile: $330


      Caribbean Flavor





      170 grams of fresh seasoned seafood and marinated with lemon juice, vinaigrettes, and house dressings.

      Cocktail Island


      170 grams of seafood served in a glass, dipped in tomato juice, and house dressings.



      IXI Hamburger with Cheese

      Exquisite grilled hamburger topped with cheese, served with french fries. $240


      Shrimp Hamburger

      Exquisite grilled shrimps, served with french fries. $280

      Goddess ixchel choices

      Sea & Land Barbecue

      200 grams of shrimp, 200 grams of the catch of the day, and 200 grams of hanger steak. $890


      Seafood Platter

      200 grams of octopus, 200 grams of shrimp, and 200 grams of the catch of the day. $1,190


      Surf 'n' Turf Brochette

      Brochette with shrimp, beef flank steak, and vegetables served with rice. $355


      Garlic Octopus

      Delicious cooked octopus seasoned with house spices garnished with parsley and accompanied by mashed potatoes. $390


      Tikin Xic Fish: According to weight

      Grilled fish seasoned with axiote.


      Garlic Fish: According to weight

      Grilled whole fish seasoned with garlic and parsley oil.


      Kids Menu


      Kids Hamburger

      Ideal for kids that want something classic. $140


      Quesadillas Kids

      A Mexican classic made it for kids. $140


      Fingers Cheese

      An easy-to-eat option for kids. $140



      This option never fails to get picky kids to eat something. $140


      Hanger steak with french fries

      300 grams of exquisitely marinated beef arrachera accompanied by a portion of french fries. $375


      Chicken Cordon Bleu

      240 grams of chicken breast stuffed with cheese and asparagus. $245


      Hanger Steak Sopes with Castacan (2 pieces)

      Corn base with beans, cream, hanger steak and topped with fried pork pieces and red onion. $240


      Tikin Xic Shrimp Sopes (2 pieces)

      Corn base with beans, cream, Tikin Xic shrimp and topped with red onion. $220


      Tacos with Guacamoles & Pico de Gallo (3 pieces)

      Order of 2 tacos filled with the stew of your choice, served with guacamole and pico de gallo.




      Red onion, Chipotle


      Bacon, Cheese, Onion and Bell Pepper

      Extra Taco
      Extra Taco w/ Cheese





      Hanger Steak





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