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      Comfort is a benefit worthy of the gods

      Every corner of IXI Beach is blessed by the sun and the moon and is closely linked to the power of the sea and the land. Experience the comfort in our facilities enlivened for your delight.

      2583 ft² of covered area to enjoy the best drinks and dishes.

      Here you come to be delighted. The atmosphere is decorated in a traditional Mexican Caribbean style and protected by its high palapa, ventilated without losing the spectacular views of the sea.

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      Covered area

      Shaded area with ceiling fans to refresh and televisions.

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      Bar Service

      At the center of our Palapa, we have a circular bar where we prepare and serve the most refreshing and delicious cocktails.

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      Mural Art

      Our kitchen is decorated with a mural from local artist Franco Martínez, honoring the Mayan goddess of fertility and abundance, Ixchel.

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      02 - IXI Beach - LORES - Amigos - Palapa

      The road that connects the sea with the land.

      Disembark at our comfortable dock or if you prefer, contact us to pick up your food and drinks without a back on dry land. In the evenings, get your camera ready to capture the most beautiful sunset in the Caribbean.

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      197 Ft Long

      The dock has space for boats from 20ft up to 80 ft.

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      No Dock Fee

      We don't charge any fee to embark or disembark from our dock.

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      Pick Up Delivery

      We understand that you are comfortable sailing in the Caribbean sea. We can take your order and deliver it to the dock.

      Download the menu.

      If you want to get delivery service at the dock, please fill this form and we will send you our menu.

      Once you fill the form, we will send you the menu. If you want to place an order, you can contact us via WhatsApp for fast service.

      XXft² of white sand and the view of the Caribbean Sea.

      Relax on one of the most beautiful beaches in Quintana Roo with an incomparable view. The white sand and shallow waters are the ideal place for children and adults alike to have fun.


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      Playa Norte

      The most famous beach in Mexico, known for its beautiful colors and soft sands.

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      Lounge Chairs

      Umbrellas with lounge chairs to relax while looking at the horizon at the turquoise blue gradients.

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      Food and Bar

      Of course our restaurant and bar will be available to bring you service to the beach.


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