Ikejime Technique

      The more humane method of killing fish.

      At IXI Beach the ethic is our guide 

      This method is considered the fastest and most compassionate


      The Sustainable Moment

      At IXI Beach, we fuse this ancient Japanese method with influences from Island Cuisine to minimize animal suffering and provide our guests with a unique experience of flavors.

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      Fish usually die from suffocation out of water, where they cannot breathe, and take several minutes to die

      Ikejime reduce the fish suffering

      Ikejime (活 け 締 め) is a respectful fish slaughter technique originating from Japan. It is performed by quickly inserting a wire directly above the eye, severing the main artery and spinal cord, causing immediate brain death of the animal and thus preventing the release of toxins through spasms. The fish is then bled in ice water to keep the flavor of its flesh fresh.

      This method helps the fish to suffer as little as possible and, at the same time, maintains the quality of the meat and considerably improves its flavor and color.

      The Japanese technique has been used by Chefs in famous restaurants around the world, especially in Haute Cuisine, where the aim is to elaborate Sashimi-like dishes with a superior Umami flavor.


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