IXI Beach

      The culinary paradise of Goddess Ixchel

      Here, the elements of nature come together in harmony to delight you. Simply the best Seafood Restaurant in Isla Mujeres.


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      We have a dock with a capacity of 8 boats, which allows you to get to eat or pick up food on a day of sailing in the Caribbean Sea.

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      For your comfort, we have lounge chairs on the beach, comfortable tables under our main palapa, showers, and a massage station.

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      We offer a wide variety of seafood prepared at the moment without forgetting classic dishes from the region.


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      Delicious combination of traditional Isla Mujeres cocktails. Flavor a delicious and refreshing Margarita.

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      Island gastronomic delights


      IXI Seafood & Beach Club is rated as one of the best restaurants on Isla Mujeres.

      Locally-Sourced, Contemporary Island Seafood where consistency in execution and the ocean itself is a priority. Fresh and original ingredients are used in extraordinary ways, with the main focus being on their purity, authenticity, and reinterpretation of the Isla Mujeres cuisine. A tribute to the Island itself.

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      Our menu is the creation of our outstanding chefs

      From sky and earth, fire and water, everything is rhythmically combined like the coming and going of the waves, in a fusion of ancestral traditions, island ingredients from the region, the flavors float, vaporize, emerge.


      Federico López


      Mexican chef who began his professional career at age 15, at 18 he became the first culinary training at the Nikko hotel in Mexico City.


      Daniel Ledesma


      Proudly Mexican chef with experience in catering, kitchen management, and writer of gastronomic encyclopedias.eet art sartorial selfies trust fund.

      Encounters ...

      The mystical continuity of the Mayan culture

      The physical objects of a culture can be invaluable storytellers. The ancient Mayans immortalized their belief system and much more through arts and crafts, and of course in gastronomy. These traditions are fused with ingredients from other regions of Mexico, imagine for just a moment all the years and events that occurred so that now one of our dishes is served at your table.

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      How to get to IXI Beach?

      Is very easy to find us. From the ferry dock over the main avenue, turn to the left and walk over 8 minutes up to the roundabout, and go forward over the same street, a more few steps and you'll find the main entrance. Or, from the main avenue, walk over the beach to the north, and enjoy the view up to find our signs of IXI Beach.

      Av. Rueda Medina Mza 1

      Between Lopez Mateos y Playa Norte, Centro. Zip Code 77400. Isla Mujeres, Q.R.

      Hours: All days from 11:00 to 18:00.

      Phone: 998 217 4062



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